To Do List

So here it is… My first list of things to do/make.. or more importantly FINISH 😛

Some of the items on this list have in fact, already been completed whilst if was faffing about trying to figure out how to even write a blog about said items… I got there in the end 😀 The list may seem a little vague with just one word but as I write about how I achieved or created each item on the list all will become clear… I hope!

  1. Headboard.
  2. Allison’s Dress
  3. Lampshade (hallway)
  4. Finish ‘The Sewing Dress’
  5. Finish ‘The Tartan Dress’
  6. Brown Vogue Jacket
  7. Modify ‘The Blue Floral Dress’
  8. Fix Zaz’s clothes
  9. Build Sewing Room
  10. Design and Build new shed/work room
  11. Make bobbin lace for parasol
  12. Front garden design and build
  13. Write a blog
  14. Charity event or walk
  15. Finish ‘Winter Coat’
  16. Finish ‘Purple zebra Print Dress’
  17. Blazer/Jacket Challenge
  18. Grow my own vegetables from seed
  19. Rebuild recycling bin shelter
  20. Finish ‘Antique chair reupholstery’ project
  21. Repair and Reupholster antique bedroom chairs
  22. Make 1930’s cocktail/evening dress
  23. Organise and index my fabrics
  24. Up-cycle old folding table for Lizzy
  25. Deep clean Mikey’s room when he’s away 😛
  26. Re-size at least one original 1940’s pattern to fit me
  27. Organise sewing patterns
  28. Organise magazines
  29. Lampshade (standard lamp)
  30. Revamp Chaise
  31. Cowboy boot booties
  32. Sewing Machine Covers

This is by no means the end of the list! More will be added as I go along I’m sure but I’m going to try and not add more until I have crossed a fair few of the this list. Some things will depend on finances of course. The shed for the garden and the sewing room will not be cheap by any means so they may not get finished at all but I intend to save up and try to get them done….

So what would be on your list I wonder?

5 Responses to To Do List

  1. kelleysdiy says:

    Is this your bucket list?


    • lol No …. my bucket list would be action packed but would probably include…Finish all my ‘to do list’ projects, Post my blogs (I have 3 or 4 part written) and Stop adding to my ‘to do list’ until I have actually finished everything on my ‘to do list’!! trouble with me is I would rather spend my time sewing and crafting then actually writing about my sewing and crafting:(
      Lainey x

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  2. LaineeMakes says:

    Haha, I keep meaning to do one of these to try and get a grip on my WIP/UFO piles, but I keep getting distracted by new things I want to do.

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