Radio Silence Explained and a Sewing Space Update

So… It’s been a longgggg time since I blogged about anything at all! So much for my resolution to blog regularly after each project… Pfft!  Like that was ever going to happen!! In truth I’d rather keep right on sewing or building or whatever craft my brain and hands are happily employed in.

In my non sewing life I work lots of different jobs driving special needs kids to and from school and caring for a few ‘oldies’ and a small cleaning job or two… the bills have to be paid somehow…. The main bill being my Fabric Buying Bill of course! 😀 In between all that I sew… Sewing makes me happy. So I kinda forget to type out blogs and just keep right on sewing!!

Now I have decided it’s about time I cleared my phone memory of photos and caught up on my blogging… Brace yourselves for an onslaught! Lol

Firstly a lot has changed in the sewing room. I got a bit sick of my dining table being permanently in use as a cutting table rather than a place to eat properly as a family… something had to be done! The solution was to clear the area of my sewing room by the front door and build a cutting table there.

I found a fabulous company called ‘Solar Sign Supplies’ that sold Self-Healing Cutting mats in all manner of sizes at  far better prices than buying several A0 size mats to join together.  So I saved up and bought a 6ft x 3ft mat… its fantastic, especially for cutting large pieces for long dresses or trousers. My table was only 5ft so a bit hung over either end which was annoying but no matter now.  I did want to add a link for you but the website is no longer active.  I’m sure a quick web search will find something for you 🙂  I still have a couple of smaller mats I can use for cutting out little bits’n’bobs that are too trifling to warrant a huge cutting table.

After clearing the space and painting the wall (finally!) to match the rest of the space I set about my plans. Obviously I can’t put up a permanent table as it would then totally block the front door (major fire rise right there). Also the space as a whole is quite small so it would also block my entry/exit so my plan was to make the table fold up to the wall when not in use… genius huh? Ok so maybe more common sense than genius but still a pretty cool idea right?  😀

Lucky for me, one of my sons’ friends works in a wood shop of sorts and got me a board cut to an exact 6’ x3’. When I went to collect it I discovered he ignored my 10-15mm MDF request and gave me some huge hefty chunk of wood that was black on one side and white on the other… and my god does it weigh a ton! This actually turned into an advantage as I can now use the white side as a wipe board to keep notes on when the table is in the up position… result! So, as per the slideshow below, all I had to do was attach a batten to the wall, another to that to create a ‘resting groove’. Attach folding legs to the board, a swivel latch to the wall to secure in the ‘up’ position and then I added safety chains to the sides to act as an anchoring hinge… Job done!  One small down side to this arrangement is that if it’s down and in use I need to pop out, make a cuppa or have a ‘comfort break’ I have to duck down under the table and crawl out of my little sewing room which is actually pretty easy for me as I’m short anyway 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next I added a wide shelf up high to accommodate my patterns and sewing magazines. The bookcase that was originally used for that purpose was then cut down to neatly fit under the cutting table as extra storage. 

Then I tackled the lighting issue.  Above the cutting table was an easy choice… I went for strip lighting with a Day Light simulation tube in it. Underneath my fabric storage boxes, above the actual sewing area was a different matter. First I found some cool looking LED strips that could be linked together to form a long chains of light that would then been secured to the underside of the shelves.  However bright they seemed to be, once they were in place they are nowhere near light for a good working space. My second choice was a nice long slim line strip light. I have two of them that link together but have individual switches on them. They work a treat! I haven’t looked into it yet but I am hoping I can get Day Light bulbs to fit them in the future. 

I still have some storage issues to address and more plans afoot but not had the time to implement them yet… watch this space 😛 Oh…. And I have two new machines but I shall cover those in another post!

Happy Sewing

Lainey x

About acraftteacuppa

Vintage kinda gal loves all things 40s 50s and art deco. Loves all kinds of crafts especially sewing. addicted to fabric, antiques and shoes. Have two sons and two Akitas that I adore. Passionate about our armed forces, WW1 family history. Living on WW2 Rations for Charity for a whole year. Would one day like to have a tea shop/haberdashery/sewing rooms to relax chat and teach/share all sorts of craft skills in <3
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