Cowboy Boot Booties

Evening all  😀

As a subscriber to Love Sewing magazine I get lots of free patterns and great articles to read every month just casually dropping through my letter box a day or two before the mag appears on the newsagents’ shelves. A few months ago the magazine (Issue 22 ) featured the cutest little baby/toddler booties I’ve ever seen. Made from denim and looking like cowboy boots! Seriously how can you NOT want to make these cuties…?


Now it just so happened that my son had thrown out two pairs of jeans about a week previously, I say thrown out but what I actually mean is ‘he put in a bin bag on the landing’ :/ His excuse for this is that the bag wasn’t anywhere near full and he left it there so other family members could add to it if they had clothes that needed to be binned… hmmm.

Anyway… I had my denim fabric, suitably worn and faded so all I had to do was take a quick trip to my local fabric stall on the indoor market, rummage a little in the scraps bin there and I had two pieces of nice soft fleece for the lining. Total cost of a whopping 50p!

Off home I go and onto the Love Sewing Magazine Free Pattern Download to get the full pattern. It prints out nicely on A4 paper without having to do all that awkward sellotaping sheets together deal which is a bonus. I opted to make the second size. I’ve no idea why as I don’t even have a baby to wear the finished items but heyho 😀

I used just about half a leg of a pair of jeans. As you can see there was a whole lot of topstitching going on but, unusually for me I used my main electronic sewing machine. For some reason it didn’t occur to me to dig the old girl out and use her for more accurate details but I most certainly shall do so with the next pair I make.

phone download 820

The instructions are really easy to follow however they are a little fiddly to make due to the size and quite time consuming due to all the decorative stitch detail. That said once all the topstitching is finished they are quite quick to construct. I made just one alteration to the original pattern instructions. When I put in my sole I put in the denim outer layer and then I hand stitched the fleece lining in so that all the seams were enclosed. I figure that way there wouldn’t be any exposed bulky seam allowance to rub on little feet. I didn’t take photos of every stage so I opted for a slideshow. The last two pictures show my finished booties and the photo from the magazine. I think I got pretty damn close personally 🙂


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At some point in time I would like to make theses much larger for myself but I haven’t decided what to put in to drastically strengthen the sole and make it robust enough for adult wear. I also thought the stars could be changed to make a more ‘pretty princess’ version for baby girls. Plus the addition of a layer of stiff waterproof corrugated card for in-between the layers of the soles of larger sizes that a toddler might wear although I would have to seriously consider whether this would be safe to do before I try it out on an actual toddler. As for this finished pair… They went off to my friend to be given to her newly born third grandson. The mother of whom not only adored them but now thinks she should be first in the queue for a pair to fit her… I think not! I shall be wearing the first ‘adult’ size if I ever find the time to make them lol

If you haven’t already subscribed to Love Sewing I’d recommend it. You usually get a great free gift when you subscribe, pay less per magazine and get free full size patterns, sometimes two, as well as great articles, project ideas and competitions… And the best part is you don’t even have to leave the house in the cold wind and rain to get it… Result!

Happy Sewing 😀


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